We Do?


Products coming from slaughterhouses all over the country are cleaned, washed and made ready for drying in our facility.

Natural Drying

After our products are cleaned, they are left to air dry in suspended vehicles.

Heat Treatment

After our products are naturally dehumidified, they are heat treated at 90 degrees.


After our products are heat treated, they are prepared and packaged in the desired dimensions according to the customer's order.

About Us


SFS Kardesler Agriculture and Food Co. Ltd., established in 2018, entered the world market with frozen offal and ‘manyplies’ products as a beginning.

Our company, which has been on the rise in the food sector in 2020 by keeping pace with technological changing, has taken place on the top in a short time in the dog chewing treats sector with its approaches of entrepreneurial, environmentally-conscious, and respectfully to the world and the nature.

SFS Kardesler, which stands out with its dynamic structure in export, import and domestic market, has had a great share in the market without making any concession its high quality, honest, disciplined and planned work, with its sense of work that loves sharing, its many brands, and its vision that sheds light on the future.




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